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Poem of the week

Take Us Back
I want to take us back,
back to that time and place
where love didn’t leave a nasty after taste
in the back of our throats

Back to that time when love still felt like
and not this haunted heart horror story
we’ve endured 

Back to unbroken heart days
longing for love days
the let me count the ways days
where I would love someone right

But those days have long passed and
we each have had more chunks of ourselves
bitten off then those who bit could ever chew
so they’ve spat out pieces of us here and there

Resulting in damage irreparable
scars un-fade-able
and a fear of trusting love

I want us to go back to innocence unmarred by knowledge
I want to Adam and Eve us all back to the eve of love
to the ease of breathing cause we’ve been holding our breaths
to avoid the stench of rotted hearts that barely beat for too long

I want to eradicate the plague of heart ache
because too many of our people
have been diagnosed with this disease
and the prognosis is never good

I want us to regress, unlearn everything
we’ve come to know about being with someone,
an immaculate, untainted slate if you will
so the next time we fall in love will feel like the first time…un-jaded and eager

But we can’t go back,
we cannot rewind through the stilted images
that broadcast across our hearts,
we are forced to play through them 

We can’t color over our hearts in an attempt to conceal and disregard what has already
been etched onto us in the hearts equivalent to a permanent marker
instead we must wear our un-deviated stories daily, remembering the struggles
we’ve endured to better ourselves for the next go round with love

We have to cherish every moment we have spent
with our hearts so swollen with sorrow over lost love
because that’s the only way most people even know
it was a love worth anything to them to begin with

Everyone takes loved ones for granted at some point
making sayings like ‘you never know what you have till it’s gone’
more truthful than probably anything you have said
this whole week, month, maybe all year

Heartbroken, let us learn not to shield our hearts because
we are insecure about showing our scars,
no matter how much we may want to go back
the only way to heal our brokenness is to move forward

Video of the week

This weeks video is one of my own, I actually FINALLY sat down and recorded a poem for you guys. I hope you enjoy!

Song of the week

Hey guys, it’s another marvelous Monday! And you know what that means, new music! This is Back in time released for the first time today! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Hear more songs here—->


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