Loneliness is a junkie


More videos on youtube!



17 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Each of these hold such poignant power. Magic and each delivers meanings and purpose that are so valid for so many in this human experience we trek. Excellent work…inspiring Talicha, thank you. 🙂

      1. My pleasure, Talicha!

        I have to get over being shy first…I’d probably have to do too many takes to get it right. Ha! How many times do you record usually?

        I appreciate the encouragement though, it would be a fun addition to writing.

      2. It depends, sometimes I get it in one or two takes other times I have to do it over and over because of background noise or a mess up. I just do it until it sounds okay. I don’t like spending too much time on it though, I’m a lazy poet lol

      3. Lol!! Well, that’s good to know…you look like you get it on the first try…very authentic. 🙂 Keep up the awesome work! Also, I was wondering are there any spoken word poets that inspire you that you look to for inspiration?

      4. 🙂 oh yes my dear, let me share some names with you!

        Amber Tamblyn (yes the actress from sisterhood of the traveling pants lol) although I’ve only seen her preform a few times. Her writing is amazing and her book bang ditto gives me life.

        Andrea Gibson…amazing writer and powerful performer! She just gives off the vibe that the stage is home. Complete motivation for the way I want to command the audience!

        Sarah Kay is also another brilliant spoken word poet. Her voice and the way she uses it have helped me realize that the softness in my own voice can still carry weight.

        Denice Frohman
        Rudy Fransisco
        This list could go on and on lol

        Of course there are spoken word artists that I got the chance to be around weekly while I was in Charlotte getting started that inspired me as well. These poets are not just brilliant at what they do, they are also supportive of what I do. That have each molded, taught and motivated me;
        CP Maze
        Carlos Robson
        Mr. Bluz
        Blk Swan
        Ed Mabrey
        G Yamazawa

        Pretty much all of these poets can be found on YouTube. I think you should definitely check out Andrea, Rudy, Sarah and Denice for sure!

        Is there anyone you get inspiration from, I’d love to check them out!

      5. Oh, this is a treasure trove!!! I’m delighted, (AND excited to check out these poets)!!

        I was going to say that your way reminded me a bit of Sarah Kay…and that’s what urged my question…I’m so glad I asked and I’m absolutely thrilled with your generous response, Talicha…thank you so much!

        Yes, so Sarah Kay is a spoken artist that blows my mind and then there’s Hosanna Wong…she’s amazing, too…she addresses some really important topics as well…I notice that about your work as well.

        I don’t really know a whole bunch of spoken word artists as of yet…I’ve mostly been immersed in the written word around the poetic communities that I’ve been so blessed to find and be a part of.

        So glad that our poetic paths merged around Kellie’s…your voice stands out!

        Warm smiles to you!! 🙂

      6. Thank you so much 🙂 yes Sarah’s work definitely have me a great reference to finding my way. I’m happy you sense her influence. I have not heard of Hosanna Wong but I plan on checking out her out today! I think that poets who have strong written work also make the best spoken word artists. That’s all we are…poets. I’m glad we’ve encountered one another 🙂 I’ll have to stop by your blog as well. I’ve been super busy getting my album done so I have not been able to be as active with reading and commenting in the community the way I’d like. I look forward to reading your work and also watching you grow 🙂 thank you!

      7. Yes, I think you’ll love her!!

        I totally understand the need to prioritize…good for you and no worries…stop by when you can…I’m not going anywhere…I’m in it for the long haul. 😉

        Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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