I’ve Got Goals!

This year hasn’t exactly started off as planned –my mother passed away on the 12th after spending a couple of weeks in the hospital and then hospice. I am determined though, to stick to the goals I have set for myself, to live the life I desire because I know it does not last forever, or even as long as we think it should. So I want to share those goals and have a place that I can come back to in the future to see how far I’ve come.

1. Publish a book of poetry

I have been working on a poetry book for a few years now but it didn’t feel right until last year. I took an online writing course with the brilliantly talented Megan Falley and my eyes were so wide open afterwards. The class helped me find my “page voice”, which I think I just made up. By “page voice” I mean the way my writing speaks on page. I have never been stronger in my writing than I am today because I figured out how to delve deeper into words than I have in the past. I have hope that this is only the beginning and that I’ll keep improving in time.

That being said, I am almost done with the book. I think I’ve got about five or six more poems until it feels complete. I am so excited to share these poems with the world. It has been a really amazing experience to sit down, write, and come out at the end of it with something I just HAVE to read over and over again because it’s that good (shocking!). If you’d like a sneak peak of what to expect in the book you can check out Reasons Why Loving You Was More Entertaining than Watching Prime Time Television and My Favorite Photograph of Us published by Germ Magazine.

2. Compete Nationally

Last year I competed at the Women Of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) and the Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS) for the first time. These were both such amazing experiences and I am so grateful to have been a part of them. This year I would love to go back to both and am on the right track so far since I’ll be competing in Albuquerque, NM for WOWPS in March! If you’d like to help me get there you can support me by purchasing my album In the Making!

3. Go on Tour

I want to travel. I want to go to as many open mic nights and poetry slams that I can. I want to share my poetry and meet people as passionate about writing as I am. My goal is to just go. I think the best way for a poet to be known is to be present. The details are a work in progress but I will make this happen. For booking information you can email talichaj@gmail.com

There are also a lot of smaller goals that I have and maybe I’ll share them in a later post. For now though, this is the game plan. I am doing these things on my own so if anyone has any advice or wants to help out in any way, thank you in advance. You can contact me via email or on any of my social networking sites.

To everyone who has a dream; do it, live it, don’t let it go to waste.

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A little inspiration!

Saw this on Tumblr today. I LOVE it!

30/30 #18

He said the number one regret of the dying is that they don’t live their own life, they weren’t living authentically.
Our ability to dream and hope is the chain holding the key to our happiness
So many souls are kept bolted behind closed minds
Excuses taken to the grave for the “why not’s” and “how comes”
Do you really want to die with the regrets you lived for?

If you love anything in this world, be true to it
Music isn’t made by listeners
Art isn’t created by admirers
Dance isn’t made by an audience
They are all products of creators, people who let their love become more than a nightly intermission
Be the best thing that’s ever happened to yourself by allowing yourself the freedom of opportunity

Don’t let thoughts of discouragement jade you
Fear nothing other than what will happen if you don’t try
Take no as just an answer not a testament to your abilities
Only use negatives to prove your passion for the positives
Using can’t and never to remind yourself that you can’t give up
That you’ll never be the reason you weren’t the dream in the flesh

We all have promises to ourselves penned across the insides of our eyelids
Most of us just take them for granted
So used to them being there that we barely see them anymore
Don’t ignore your dreams, if you don’t fight for them who will?

FWF: Dreamers

There are two types of people in the world…dreamers and, well…dreamers.
Yes, there is a difference.

People dream of becoming great, or one day living a completely different type of life all together.
They want to travel or learn a new hobby, become famous, change the world.
But not everyone masters the skill of  turning the brilliant motion picture playing inside their mind into reality.
Instead they believe that dreams only happen in real life to other people.
That’s where they mess up. That’s where we see the difference.

The people who do not stop fighting for what they want are the ones who make it in this world.
They are the ones you read about, study, wish to become. They were once the types of dreamers who simply dreamed and that wasn’t good enough to them.
So they went out there and they worked hard at being the person they had spent nights hoping to be in the day time.

What will it take for you? For me it, it was watching the people around me making the moves inside the worlds they belonged in. It was hearing about the choreographers who were inspiring other dancers by teaching. It was reading about the tours poet’s and musicians were going on and it was seeing how happy they were. Even when the hours were long, the promotions were tiresome and the flights nearly unbearable, they loved it.

I wanted that. I don’t quite have it all just yet, but I’m working really hard to get it. I say that to say this; it’s never too late to allow yourself to be happy, do what you love. Show dreamers everywhere how to be better at dreaming…

So that was my contribution to the Free Write Friday prompt by Kellie Elmore. I know it’s not a cool story or over the top awesome poem but it’s what came out. Hope you enjoyed! Until next time!