This Grammys moment was so amazing I actually had to blog about it!

My favorite moment of The Grammy’s last night (and pretty much the only thing I didn’t fast forward through during the whole show) was the Chandelier performance by Sia. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Sia- I have ever since the moment I first heard Breathe Me from her third album ten or eleven years ago, but Kristen and Maddie are what made this performance breathtaking. The way they throw themselves into this whole production is what makes me appreciate artistic freedom.


Of course, I knew Maddie would kill it because that kid is phenomenal but Kristen was a huge surprise. It’s not that doubted her ability to portray such a serious character (while dancing at that!), I just hadn’t expected her to be so intriguing with it, so invested in this kind of character. (I know, shame on me for putting her in a comedic box, I don’t like to underestimate people so I’m not sure why I did so for her).


I needed to watch every facial expression, every change in mood and every act of embracing or rejecting that change. I can’t describe in one word the feeling I had while viewing this for the first time but my chest was tight, my jaw was clenched, and I was hanging onto every movement. When Kristen mouths “I’m sorry”, man that gets me every time! To be aware that you are in an unsafe space, that you are doing something to yourself that is harmful, and to be willing to own it is hard. It’s even harder to apologize to yourself and to those around you for doing something against your best interest, so I found that moment really drawing me in.


I don’t think this video should be watched just once, I think to fully grasp the complexity of emotion and expression you have to really look. It’s there and it’s raw and beautiful. I think Sia’s videos and live performances do a good job of starting a conversation on the subject of mental health (especially since this song deals with the topic of her past history with alcoholism). She invites us into the chaos that is her mind–that is the mind of many others out there. A lot of times dealing with emotions can be overwhelming, just like the pace of this video can be. You don’t know where to focus and even how to focus on one thought or feeling. I think the best thing is to take a deep breath and spend time exploring (although everyone is different so there may be more to it for some).

Enough rambling on from me. Watch, discuss, share and I hope you enjoy the video. Try to go in with an open mind!


Poetry in motion

It’s been a while since I’ve done this but one of my favorite art forms is dance, I love love love love love watching amazing dancers do their thing. So today we are taking a break from written and spoken poetry to take a gander at poetry in motion (I know that was totally lame right? eh who cares this is my blog and I’ll be lame if I want too). Below you will find videos of my absolute favorite dancers or choreographers, I hope you enjoy and fall in love with them just as I have 🙂

First, Les Twins…I could qualify as being borderline obsessed with these two. They move so differently and yet each of them blows my mind EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I can never watch any of their videos just once, I have to watch once to see both, then another time to watch just Laurent and then again to watch Larry and then again to watch them both. And then just for the heck of it, I hit replay an obscene amount of times. Anyway, enjoy their latest performance at Hip Hop International!

Next up we have the wonderful, talented, amazing Keone and Mari! This couple have been a favorite of mine for a long time now. I am seeing them get the recognition they deserve with awesome opportunities and it makes me feel like a proud mama! This video was great to me, the opening part with the two of them was brilliant. Mari’s solo, although not my favorite of her work, was touching and beautiful to watch. Keone’s solo…ugh I have no words for that awesomness. And then the end bit with the two of them just gave me life. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this!

Keeping with the flow of amazing talent we have the awe inducing Phillip Chbeeb. I originally came across Phillip when he was on So you think you can dance and have followed along with his journey to becoming a well respected and brilliant dancer. The concept of the video you are about to watch is simple and yet his movements make it so complex. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do each time I watch it 🙂

That’s it for now, I hope you guys enjoyed these videos. Make sure you subscribe to their channels and keep up with their work. Each of these artists are destined for greater things. Until next time, have a great one 🙂

Awesome dance piece by JaJa and Phillip

Hey guys! So today I wanted to share a video with you guys that I absolutely adore. It’s choreography by Phillip Chbeeb and JaJa Vankova whom just manage to blow my mind every time I see them dance. JaJa was mentioned earlier on my blog in THIS POST and has easily become one of my favorite female dancers ever. Hope you guys enjoy! Oh and really take the time to look at the intricacies of their movements and how fluid they are. It’s amazing…I  don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this video just to see something that I missed before!

I’m addicted, but to rehab I say no, no, no.

So I wanted to take a moment to share something with you guys other than poetry today. Gasp! I know! Its been a while since I’ve done anything other than poetry here that it feels weird, but I’ll get over it 🙂 Today what I want to share with you all is my latest obsession/addiction, a dance duo named the Les Twins. Now before all my poetry readers get all restless and decide to move on to the next blog hear me out. Dance, in my opinion is definitely a form of poetry. Many choreographers actually put thought and emotions into their movements to tell us a story and to expel whatever it is they are feeling, which is exactly what we do with words. These guys, Larry and Laurent (or Lau for short) are really talented dancers who quite honestly blow my mind every time I watch their videos (which is often). Anyway, no more talking for me, time for you to watch a few of the reasons why I have a whole YouTube playlist dedicated to these fellas! Oh and did I mention they were french? Uh yeah, super cute accents, Enjoy!

This video is from World of Dance (WOD) 2010. It is one of my absolute favorites because not only is the dancing amazing but their animation and personalities are just so big and creative. It always makes me laugh, smile, stare in complete amazement every time I see it!

This video is from WOD 2012! The way they move is incredible, I just don’t get it. This is another one of my faves to watch because you can really see each of their dance styles clearly (or maybe I’ve just watched so many of their videos that its obvious to me now haha).

I want to put the whole dang playlist up here but then you guys would never get anything done with your day 🙂 Plus it would take up too much space on my blog haha. But if you want to see more of the amazing Les Twins you can watch my Les Twins Playlist on YouTube!

Here’s a few of my fave moments from that last video 🙂


Do you guys have a favorite dancer or performance that I should check out? If so leave me a link or name in the comments! Thanks!

Sweet Moves

Last year I got into a lot of new things via YouTube. One of the things I fell in love with was watching dancers…choreographers more specifically. I’ve always wanted to dance but I just lack the basics like rhythm and grace… So to come across videos of people not only dancing great but also creating the movements just makes me so happy. I am always amazed when I step outside my little poetry and music bubble and view other forms of art.

I wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorite choreographers. There are more that are awesome that I hope to share with you as well in the future but for now here’s just a few, enjoy!

This is my favorite choreographer dancing to one of my favorite songs off the new Drake album!

If you want to see more of Kyle’s work visit

This is a piece by Feng from Quest Crew that I absolutely love! It’s the perfect combination of the right song for the right dancer

To see more of Feng’s work visit:

Nick DeMoura took a simple concept and made a great video out of it, one of my favorites!!!

Watch more Nick here:

This is JaJa from I.aM.mE. crew, I love love love her dancing she is such a strong dancer and she has a cool accent lol.

If you want to see more of JaJa click—->

So that was just a few of my favorite dancers, I had so many more videos I wanted to post but I will save them for another time. Make sure you subscribe to their channels if you like their work. It’s always good to appreciate art forms other than your own sometimes, it can even lead to inspiration in your own field.

Do you know any dancer’s whose videos I should check out? Let me know in the comments section!

Astonishing Movement!

You can not tell me that this is not awesome!

The first time I saw a Genki Sudo video I was like “what the heck?” for the first 30-45 seconds. Then I kept watching and just became completely enthralled by the way they have so much control over their body movements. I mean, seriously to make your body move in slow motion AND stay synchronized with such a large group blows my mind. I love this video because the music is just right for what they are doing. The actual cinematography is remarkable and overall I was just left with my mouth hanging agape for a moment or two after the video ended. I have so much respect for dancers, especially ones that do things outside of the norm that just have the viewers mind reeling. So to watch this video made me sooo happy. I have to thank Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions for posting the video on his site, otherwise I would have missed out on seeing this awesome art! I hope you all enjoy and if you want to see more of Genki Sudo (which, duh of course you do) just check out their YouTube Channel Here!

I’m sick :[

Sooooo, I had this grand plan of filming and recording today for a video I want to make showcasing one of my poems (America). BUT…I’m sick 😦 so the video is postponed until next week. So now I have no clue what to blog about today @.@

hmmm… I guess I can post and talk about a video for you guys, literally I am switching tabs to check out my youtube favorites as soon as I finish this sentence…

So the video I am posting today is by Keone Madrid and Mariel Martin, it is choreographed to Adele’s He won’t go. This is by far one of my FAVORITE choreo pieces. I am not a dancer but watching things like this makes me so jealous of the rhythmically unchallenged lol. What poet’s do with words is what dancers do with movement, and it’s beautiful. I appreciate the way they tell the story of this couple who find themselves at the end of the road. It’s def something I can relate to and I am sure most everyone who watches this can pinpoint a moment in the past where they felt even a split second of the emotions portrayed in this dance. I can’t even tell you how many times I have viewed this video since I initially came across it. I hope you enjoy it!

Check out more of Mariel here—->

Check out more of Keone here—->