This page is just for me to highlight some of my favorite things and people. I hope that you can agree with me on how awesome everything I post here is, let me know in the comments box what you think! I will try to update this list every few weeks to a month.

Favorite Artist: BoA

One of my favorite artists is BoA Kwon, I love this woman! She is Korean but a huge Japanese star. One of the biggest. She has been performing since she was young and is so accomplished I’m jealous. She can sing and dance her little butt off. I came across BoA randomly last year and ever since I have been a huge fan. I have probably seen all her videos and even know how to sing along to a lot of her japanese and korean songs. Hurricane Venus is one of my all time favorite BoA videos, I don’t even know why, I just love it!


Favorite Author: Sarah Dessen

Just a few of my Sarah Books!

I have been reading Sarah’s books since I was in high school. To this day whenever I go into a book store I hit up the Young adult section in hopes of seeing a book of hers that I didn’t know was coming out or an older one I don’t have in my collection yet. Her writing is phenomenal and is what inspires me to one day write young adult novels. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading her stuff I suggest you do it…now. Hey, I’ll even let you borrow a book or two 🙂

My all time favorite Sarah book is probably just listen. I   swear I have read that book at least six times and it never gets old, I always find something new in it and it always moves me.

Check Sarah out at: www.sarahdessen.com





Favorite Poetry book: Bang Ditto by Amber Tamblyn

This is a book of poems by Amber that is just phenomenal. I will tell you this, I am a lazy poet, normally I don’t read poetry but this book had me hooked. I never used to understand what people meant when they would say the author has a certain kind of  ‘voice’ until I read this.  Amber’s voice is clear, it’s powerful and it really moved me to find my voice as a writer.

Check out Amber’s website to read excerpts from the book here: www.amtam.com


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