Poetry Spotlight! Lydia Havens

Welcome to Poetry Spotlight! Today I want to share two beautiful poems by the ever-so-talented Lydia Havens. First up, My Lover Is The Sunlight, is a magnetic read. I think this poem is honest and brave and breathtaking. With lines like “We have hearts that are cracking whips across our insides” this poem is a powerhouse.

Read My Lover Is The Sunlight

Next up is Prayer to Dymphna, Patron Saint of the Mentally Ill. This poem leaves me feeling raw. Lydia writes: “Don’t let my body become another ripped up doctor’s note.” Come on! This poet is one to keep an eye on!

Read Prayer to Dymphna, Patron Saint of the Mentally Ill

They were awesome right? Be sure to let Lydia know just how much you appreciate her work:
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Twitter: @lydiastormborn

Poetry Showcase! Beck Cooper

Welcome to Poetry Spotlight! I wanted to share a poem by the talented Beck Cooper with you guys today. I got the chance to get to know Beck a little bit at a national poetry competition last year and not only is she an awesome poet, she’s incredibly sweet and funny and she made me feel like a part of the group. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this video if you pay attention to my other social media sites because I KNOW I posted it, BUT in case you missed it I wanted to make sure that everyone has a chance to hear Too Big.

This is a poem that a lot people can relate too, I know it speaks to me a LOT. I have had many thoughts like the ones that she shares in this piece. I love the power behind Beck’s words especially when she is telling herself to be her own best friend. I think too often we get caught up in our insecurities and forget to be our own support systems. I hope you enjoy!

If you enjoyed this be sure to like the video which was provided to bestow upon us the brilliance of poets like Beck by the amazing Button Poetry.

Also follow Beck: WrittenByBeck (you can purchase her chapbook, Man The Harpoons! It’s awesome!)

Poetry Spotlight

If you don’t know who Megan Falley is, you’re missing out on life. I had the honor of taking an online writing course with Megan at the end of last year and it was one of the best decisions of my poetry career. If you are serious about improving your writing skills as a poet take her class!

The poem I’ve chosen to spotlight today is titled “Fat Girl” and it is a poem I relate to on so many levels and I know there are a ton of people out there that will find themselves nodding along with Megan. Not only is the poem relate-able but Megan’s approach is breathtaking. Her ability to move you with her poems is amazing. You find yourself on a journey every time she hits the stage. This poem will make you laugh and break your heart which I think is definitely worth a spotlight.

Also be sure to buy her latest book Redhead and the Slaughter King, it is wonderful and raw and you will find yourself wanting more long after you’ve finished because IT’S THAT GOOD! I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve read this book without sounding obsessive. I will say that I love it as much as I loved Bang Ditto by Amber Tamblyn and if you know me you know that is A LOT.

For more Megan check her out at the following places:
Twitter: @megan_falley
Website: meganfalley.com
Facebook: Megan Falley Poetry
Tumblr: Megan Falley
Youtube: Megan Falley

Poem of the Week is back but, well just read the post.

Hello, welcome to Poetry Spotlight! For those of you who have followed this blog the last few years you know I do a thing called Poem of the Week (POW). Well due to a lack of time (work, life, finishing my debut poetry book, preparing for WOWPS) I haven’t had many opportunities to update on a weekly basis. I still want to bring you guys awesome poetry from all over so I’ve decided to mold POW into something more flexible. I will post a new poem as often as I can for you to listen to or read. The first post will happen this Sunday at 10 a.m.! I can’t wait for you guys to hear the talented poet I’ve got lined up for you! Thanks for the continued support, if you have any suggestions for a poet that should be featured in the Poetry Spotlight just leave their info or a link to their content in the comments section!

I Watch Her Eat the Apple by Natalie Diaz (P.O.W.)

I was introduced to the poetry of Natalie Diaz while taking a writing class last month (more on the class to come in a later post!). We went over a few of her writings throughout the six week course and I really found myself loving the way Diaz phrases things. I admit, I had to read this poem a few times to really grasp everything which I think is okay. I’m learning that sometimes a good poem needs to be read over and over again because there is always some meaning that goes unnoticed initially or some connection that isn’t  made obvious right away. Anyway, enough chit chat by me, why don’t you go read the poem, just click the link below!

I Watch Her Eat the Apple by Natalie Diaz


I hope you enjoyed reading the poem! Here’s one of my favorite parts:

“She twists the stem, pulls it
like the pin of a grenade, and I just know
somewhere someone is sitting alone on a porch,
bruised, opened up to their wet white ribs,
riddled by her teeth—

Seriously?!?! Ah! I love it. That whole stanza gave me life.


Poem of the week! “My Body” by Lisa Shaffer


I randomly came across this poem and I loved it so I figured I’d share it with you guys! Just click the link below to view the poem and leave the author a comment!

Read: My Body

Poem Of The Week! “Chalk Dust” by Jay Ward


Whoa! It’s June already! Time is flying by, huh? Well I’m happy to be bringing poem of the week back! I know it’s been a while but I just had so much going on the past few months that I had no time to do any updates. Enough about me though, let’s get down to the real reason you’re here!

This week we are kicking off POW with a poem called “Chalk Dust” by an awesome poet I am proud to say I know, Jay Ward.  This poet is not only a phenomenal writer and performer but also an amazing sounding board when I have needed feedback on my writing in the past. He has such a strong voice within his writing and leaves the audience awed whenever he hits the stage. I know you guys are gonna love his work as much as I do!

Be sure you let Jay know how this poem made you feel! Leave him a comment on his YouTube, follow him on twitter @jayward2030 and check out his website: jaywardpoetry.com 

And of course I’m always eager to hear about what you think of the poetry I share with you guys, so leave a comment below or tweet me about it @talichaj

Poem of the week “Desireé Dallagiacomo – “Thighs” (WOWPS 2014)” on YouTube


Poem of the week is back! I was honored to be in the audience during this performance by Desiree (who was featured as poem of the week in this post also) at WOWPS last week (more on that to come). This poem is one of my favorites, I know you guys will enjoy it because you have the best taste 🙂

Desireé Dallagiacomo – “Thighs” (WOWPS 2014)

Make sure you check out more awesome videos of talented poets on the Button Poetry youtube channel!

Poem of the week! “The dress poem”

Happy Thursday!

I hope you guys are ready for an awesome poem because that’s what you’re about to get! This week’s poem of the week goes to “The Dress Poem” by Joy Young. I heard this poem a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it. I noticed in the comments that some said she reminded them of a young Andrea Gibson while performing this piece; I can see that. I loved the honesty of this poem. Joy’s voice is clear and pulls me in each time I listen to her. I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I do!

The Dress Poem-Joy Young

That was good right?
Be sure to check out more of Joy’s poetry and let her know how much you love her talent!
website: joyyoungpoetry.com
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Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to let me know if you liked this week’s selection. If you have any suggestions for the upcoming editions of P.O.W. leave them in the comments below! See you next week!

Poem of the week! “Khaleesi”


Happy Thursday!!! I think you guys are going to love the selection for this edition of poem of the week. “Khaleesi” by Tonya Ingram and Venessa Marco is a powerful piece. The performance is strong, their voices are strong and their message is definitely strong. Get the idea? Yeah, strong.

“I learned to be quiet when the anvils of a false prophet mistook my thirteen for playground.” Powerful performance.

Follow Tonya & Venessa on twitter and be sure to let them know how much you love their work!



Link to video on youtube: Here

Video from Button Poetry’s youtube channel

Poem of the week! Joshua Bennett “Dear Stevie”


Happy Thursday! (okay, I know it’s Saturday but just suspend your disbelief for a minute because I forget to publish this on the real Thursday)

This week the p.o.w. comes from an awesome poet named Joshua Bennett. I stumbled upon this poem while on a YouTube search for greatness and I found it. I love the vibe of his poem “Dear Stevie” and I believe it is a beautiful dedication to Joshua’s father. There are some really dope lines in this poem and I think you guys will agree with me that this is definitely poem of the week material! Enjoy!

You can follow Joshua on twitter: @sirjoshbennett be sure to let him know how much you enjoyed his poem and be sure to check out more of his work which you can find here: JoshuaBennettThePoet.

Poem of the week!


Welcome back to p.o.w.!!! I hope everyone is off to a great start to the new year! I’m excited about the poem I am sharing with you all this week, it’s by the talented Denice Frohman. You may remember that she was the poem of the week feature last summer in this post. She recently released her debut poetry album Feels Like Home (which is amazing by the way) and has shared a video of one of my favorite poems from it: “Accents”. I think you will enjoy her spirit as much as I do, she has such amazing stage presence and a real gift for bringing her words to life. Enjoy!

Make sure you let Denice know how much you love her work, leave her a comment on her youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe so you can keep up with all her uploads! You can also find her on twitter @denicefrohman!

Poem of the week is posted every Thursday! If you want your poetry featured or have come across a great poem that needs to be shared feel free to submit it here

Poem of the week! Anna “On being left”

powbigWhat’s that? Oh, it’s Thursday*. Yeah, I know. Wait what? I didn’t post a poem of the week last week either? Well, yeah see about that…

I’ve been attempting to be a busy bee by working on the novel I started last month as a part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and also life in general is time consuming as well. BUT I finally got to sit down and dive into some youtube videos last night (at about 3am) and came across this gem by Anna Binkovitz called “On being left”. Talk about a moving piece! This poem gave me goosebumps because I found myself relating to the emotions 100% (just take a stroll through my poetry link and you’ll see that I have written about the same topic over, and over, and over…so yeah, I have a tie to this piece). I’m really excited about this poem, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

On being left by Anna Binkovitz

Be sure to follow Anna on twitter @poemsabouttoast and let her know how much you liked her poem! Also check out Button Poetry who provide us with such awesome videos of talented poets on their youtube channel! Lastly, feel free to follow me on twitter @talichaj to keep up with all the latest updates!

*Poem of the week will now be posted every Thursday due to scheduling changes. 

Poem of the week! Flashbacks


Welcome to p.o.w.! Last week I took a little break but this week we’re back in full swing. I’ve got a great poem to share with you that I happened upon while frolicking through the poetry tag on tumblr. It’s called Flashbacks and it’s by tumblr user alfaazkibarsaaat who happens to write a lot of great poems that had me excited about writing myself. I could relate to the raw emotion if it all, it’s one of those poems that had me thinking ‘I’ve been there!’ I hope you guys enjoy it! Be sure to let her know how this one makes you feel!


Poem of the week poll!

I want to know what you all think, so I’ve posted this poll of last months Poem Of The Week features to get an idea of what pulls YOU in. Who was your favorite from the month? Vote for them & let me know what made your choice stand apart in the comments!

Missed the p.o.w.? It’s okay, take a quick peek at the poems and then vote!

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