Poet. Producer. Real live human.IAMITM

Talicha J. always dreamed of being a “real poet” one day. In 2009 she began attending open mic nights regularly and by the next year she was competing in Slams on a consistent basis. She was a member of the 2010 Respect Da Mic team and competed with them in the regional Southern Fried Slam.

In the spring of 2014 Talicha released her first poetry album, In the Making and currently in the works is Talicha’s debut poetry book. She wishes to expand her writing abilities further by penning novels for young adults.


The Legendary
Boston Poetry
Four Quarters

Talicha believes that everyone of us in the world has at least one thing in common and that is the fact that we are all in the making. Each of us are constantly growing, changing, learning and becoming made into something that for most will be for the better. Whether you are an artist or an executive you are in the making. If you are a daughter or a brother, a teacher or a half priced hooker, you are in the making. 

What readers are saying about Talicha’s writing:

Descriptive narrative that pops from the page and draws you in, that’s how I would describe Talicha’s writing. I admire both her writing and her spirit.Poet Jay Ward

I have to say that you my dear are a brilliant poet! You have power in your words that demands attention, and convicts one to feel what you are saying. you place us there, in your emotions and we feel the burns, the cuts the wounds as you dissect each scar and peel back the scabs for us to see inside. I love how you make me want to know more! Awesome work!!!!Author Kellie Elmore

Wow, you are a poet with fire in her mouth.Reader Susan D.

You have all of the essential ingredients that are needed to leave a mark in the poetry world. I enjoy and appreciate your writing and because of that I am a fan. Not out of kindness. I am way to discerning and opinionated when it comes to appreciating writing to give away false compliments. You are the real deal.Reader and overall awesome human being

I just couldn’t help but read line after line and enjoy it!Reader Alicia B.

You’re going to leave deep footprints where ever you go.Reader Booguloo