Free write Friday!

This week we had a pretty interesting photo as the prompt for FWF, I hope you enjoy my take on it! This is how I’d feel about my wedding dress/day (if I believed in marriage, but that’s a whole different post I suppose).


I’m supposed to be dainty
And fragile.
Laced bodice
Silk sleeved

Pristine blanched fabric draped across shoulders
that he is appointed to keep weightless
hugging hips he is supposed
to keep bearing the weight of his blooming seeds

I am supposed to be smooth curves
A place to sink  into
But I am so much more

I am the land he will build his home on
I will share his burdens
and the weight of his struggles
will rest equally on my shoulders

I have sharp edges
and fierce-ness pouring from the depths of my eyes
I am powerful
save the fragility for moments that call for it

I am unbreakable
No lace bodice
Silk sleeved
pristine on my body

I will wear my backbone on our wedding day
Pearls along each vertebrae
Demonstrating that wife is not synonymous with weak
Showing how beautiful strength really is


7 thoughts on “Free write Friday!

  1. Very very nice! Looks are deceiving then. I also did this prompt of Kellie Ellmore but not in a poem form. That´s why I love to drop by her FWF and see how each of us takes what she says and writes each to his/her own in their own style. Glad you stumbled upon my little blog. If you don´t mind I´ll be dropping once in a while to what I have coined “do the stalker moves”, maybe some of your good writing rubs off on me.

    1. Aww thanks! Seeing the ways the prompts are interpreted is always my favorite part. It’s awesome to see how many directions one thought or image can lead a group in. Please do stop by again, hopefully soon I’ll upload new writing. I’ll definitely try to keep to with your work as well 🙂

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