Free write Friday! “What time does”

The prompt: tell this story:


As the children grew up
And the parents grew old
Turning into grandparents
Then great grandparents
We’d laugh and cry together.

They’d all gather inside the
Heart of me and live their beautiful lives,
Everything was shared here:
The secrets told between sad eyes and
The mirrors hanging on my walls
The tears that would spill over and splash on my floors
The echo of giggles bouncing through my halls.

Love was made here
Many, many years ago,
Now they have all gone
All the ones who took care of me
And filled me with purpose have faded.
I don’t know how much longer I can stand
Knowing I’ll never have them with me again.
For now, I remember them, and imagine I am still strong.
I pretend that we all haven’t gone to pieces.


5 thoughts on “Free write Friday! “What time does”

  1. Such an incredible exploration in the personification of the house, the history to the stories past, part to families left behind, to the wait in the present time. An introspective as to what it means to be more than a house, to be a home, but to still be able to live with uncertainty as a house when vacant, though brimming with history. Love your approach to the prompt.

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