Poem of the week! “Khaleesi”


Happy Thursday!!! I think you guys are going to love the selection for this edition of poem of the week. “Khaleesi” by Tonya Ingram and Venessa Marco is a powerful piece. The performance is strong, their voices are strong and their message is definitely strong. Get the idea? Yeah, strong.

“I learned to be quiet when the anvils of a false prophet mistook my thirteen for playground.” Powerful performance.

Follow Tonya & Venessa on twitter and be sure to let them know how much you love their work!



Link to video on youtube: Here

Video from Button Poetry’s youtube channel


7 thoughts on “Poem of the week! “Khaleesi”

  1. What a powerful poem!! I’ve listened day after day to the suffering and pain of girls, to teens to women and this poem felt like a tsunami of women’s voices…finally! Truly moved me to tears. Blessings, Oliana

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