Free Write Friday! Falling

The prompt:

“We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall.” — Louise Erdrich, Tracks

The attempt:


We are burning bridges
And sinking ships
And fallen towers

We are crashing cars
And trains derailing
And branches breaking

We are slipping knots
And broken doorknobs
And leaky faucets

Everything we do is wrong
Even what is right
We are never blending

Always shifting
Always changing
Minds and directions

We are a map
Torn in half
Only missing the piece we need

We are missing the peace we need
Fighting in the name of freedom
What is freedom?

We fall
Like snowflakes
Hoping we don’t melt before we hit the ground

Hoping we don’t melt once we’ve hit the ground
We are falling
We are all falling.


31 thoughts on “Free Write Friday! Falling

  1. “Always shifting
    Always changing
    Minds and directions”

    So true-we human beings are so “unstable”-no wonder we are always looking for “the missing piece” and “peace”!Wonderful poem Talicha and what a lovely ending-yes,we keep hoping that we won’t melt..:-)

  2. Listening to you makes my heart pound and makes me hold my breath as I FEEL it so deeply inside. You give the words fire and passion and I am in awe. Thank you so much for sharing the track. I hope you will do more for us at FWF in the future!
    I also need to share the ones you sent me of mine as well. I may have to line that up for next week sometime 🙂

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