The dark places

The dark places
pull you below,
They grasp tightly
like weights on ankles
under water

They steal the air
from burning lungs,
And draw the screams
from tumultuous guts

The dark places
Relentlessly cast you in fear,
They convince you light has ceased.
It will never cease

When the darkness surrounds you
turn yourself into fire of determination
that equally lights the way
and sears the fingers of the dark that holds you.

Don’t you just love a random free write in the middle of the night? I have no clue where this poem came from, or even what it’s supposed to mean to me. However, I wrote it so I thought I’d share it in its raw form.


5 thoughts on “The dark places

  1. I enjoyed reading your random free write. It’s fun to just let it flow . I do like your writing.
    Thanks for visiting my bog.
    sorry, I don’t post on twitter
    Thank you for your interest.

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