New song! “Stepping Back”

New song tentatively titled “Stepping Back” (I can’t name songs to save my life smh). It’s still in the rough phase, something is missing that I can’t put my finger on but I’m ignoring the picky side of myself and posting it anyway. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “New song! “Stepping Back”

  1. I’m not an expert, but I do have a bit of an ‘ear’, so here’s my take! First off, the song is great…I listened to it several times back to back (couldn’t help it – very intriguing). The music really does produce a vision for the listener of their own making and with whatever mood they are in at the time.( My vision was moving colors) – I also absolutely LOVE heavy downbeats and the chord changes were awesome as well. The only tip that I can think of is to add a bridge where you would change keys and then go back to your initial 8-16 bars before ending the song…I hope this helps. Anyway, I loved it and will be listening to it again for sure – very nice work Talicha!! 🙂

  2. I’m not musically inclined, so I can’t offer much technical feedback; however, this gets my creative juices going; in my head I keep seeing a woman (me?) running towards something that makes her very happy; but she keeps stopping to look over her shoulder; shakes it off & starts running again; repeating this until she slows; stops completely & just stares ahead

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