Poem of the week! Kait Rokowski


Well hello there! Welcome to a new week, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the long holiday (if you’re lucky enough to have a long weekend, which I am not). This week I wanted to share a poem with you guys by another one of my favorite poets, Kait Rokowski. Kait is a phenomenal writer and performer. I love her style, she is such a strong woman and it’s just inspirational to read her work and watch her on stage. I have chosen her poem “How to cure a feminist” because it’s amazing point blank period. I think you all will enjoy this, her performance is amazing and the energy the crowd gave her throughout this was great. I hope you guys enjoy, be sure to check out more of Kait’s work online, there’s tons of videos of her on youtube!

How to cure a feminist by Kait Rokowski

Follow Kait on twitter and let her know how much you love her work @kaitrokowski


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