The After Days

This week’s FWF prompt is a word bank:
blanket – falsetto – cumbersome – cinema – coins

The after days

she remained, tucked beneath the overstuffed blanket
she refused to remove a single limb or thought from the warmth and comfort of her bed.

life had morphed itself into something much more cumbersome than not
and she lacked the will to carry its burden today,

so she lay.
pretending her heart wasn’t broken.
dreaming that her world didn’t invert the moment he said all the things he shouldn’t have said…
only he should have said them,
no, later,
no, never.
only he should have said them from the start.

should she hurt this way?
she wonders if its normal to physically feel pain when your heart breaks.
her eyes, dry now from crying days on end, they burn and sting when she does anything but close them.
she doesn’t like closing them though,
when she does, she sees his face, the way he smiled at her like she was the only reason in world to exist.
it makes her lungs angry when she thinks of this,
they protest by refusing to breathe normally.

She keeps playing the last happy moments, pictures the way his arm would fold itself around her when they walked into the cinema for the last time
hears his laugh as she begged him for coins to win him a present from the machine packed with stuffed animals, the way the quarters clinked together as he dug them out of his pocket and dropped them into her hands.
she smells the popcorn, feels the way her fingers brushed the edges of the torn ticket stub the attendant handed back to them, the opening credits begin,
there are pictures speeding by and a voice, falsetto, in surround sound singing to an ominous tune, he grabbed her hand, placed his lips to her palm

and that was it.
the last moments of happy they shared
and she can’t really figure out why.
no, she can’t really figure out why she hadn’t seen it coming.

Hi hope you guys enjoyed my latest poem! As usual the wonderful Kellie Elmore gave us a pretty cool prompt using the above word bank. I had no clue what I would write but this came out and I like it. Make sure you like and comment if you enjoyed this. Go check out Kellie and follow us both on twitter if you’re slacking and haven’t already done so @kellie_elmore and @talichaj Thanks so much! 


58 thoughts on “The After Days

  1. This was so descriptive! Now, I want to go to the movies for a bucket of popcorn drowning in that awesomely artificially flavored goodness :)…seriously, this was a great read – nice work Talicha!

  2. Talicha– did I read correctly that you perform your poetry as well? I could surely hear a voice, your voice, in this piece, so full of emotion and in such an every day setting– which of course, lends to the heartbreak. Wonderful write ~Jason

  3. hi Talicha…what a heartbreaking story, so painfully detailed, so ‘right there’.
    ‘she wonders if its normal to physically feel pain when your heart breaks’
    heartbreak was some of the worst, lingering pain this body ever felt.
    a great, sad, memory inducing read, ty..

    1. Thank you Anna, I posted the text and then for some random reason felt compelled to record it as well and I’m glad to see it so well received. Thank you for your feedback!

  4. This had a lovely flow to it, despite the lovesick topic. I especially liked how you incorporated the sense of touch into your imagery. It added another layer to an already brilliant poem.

  5. Superb! Loved the reading of this too – magnificent! Also, you get big points for telling a wonderful and evocative story without big words or arcane language! I’m bookmarking you, Miss Star!

  6. Wow to listen to you read this it definitely gets the readers heartbeat racing. Very descriptive and emotional and dramatic (I love dramatic poetry).

    Beautifully sad ending as well.

  7. you. took. my. breath. away.

    young lady, you are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to packing a palpable punch! I am standing and clapping. Bravo!!!!

    I am sharing this!

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