New Haiku! “Submerged”

It rains Inside.
She is a flooded soul,
Drowning within her self doubts.


25 thoughts on “New Haiku! “Submerged”

  1. i have to confess, i’ve had problems with appreciating the Haiku form,
    but this poem was just so naturally flowing, with so much truth.
    and so much i relate to,self doubt has plagued me forever, drowning
    is precisely how it feels to me as well. i empathize completely, Talicha.

    1. Wow I’m glad that I could sell you on the form of haiku! Lol. I’m also glad that I said something you could relate to. To state it eloquently, self doubt sucks. But it is indeed a part of life. We just have to adapt so that we learn to swim through it all. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. you are most welcome, and yeah, so eloquently stated it does suck. but since i’ve been writing poetry, i’ve found it’s helped a lot, feels kind of like what’s been missing.

      2. Form is a great way to test your writing limits, I like trying something other than my go to which is free writing. It allows me to impress and improve myself. But I love both ways of expression 🙂

      3. ‘impress and improve’, , oh i like that.

        i’m a former painter, long dormant creatively. words for me are a new ‘vocabulary’, but i have a headful of images now to draw upon, and honestly, i’m finding my words color better than my paint ever could.

      4. Ah now to find a way to merge the two art forms you are gifted in to create something new! We are limitless, I’m glad you are exploring new ways of expression. I attempt to paint and draw from time to time but it’s not as effortless to me as writing

      5. yes, we are limitless, aren’t we and how grateful i feel, this late in my day, to CREATE again. i feel whole, complete, and with as much humility as i can express, writing poetry feels like my second skin.

        and now i’m beginning to get the itch to draw again, it was always my first passion. i ilke the idea of providing my own image to my poetry.

      6. Yes I think that is wonderful! I’m very glad to hear you are getting into the swing of things. I look forward to all your future creations 🙂

    1. Thank you Victoria! It can definitely feel like drowning, I have been there before and felt compelled to put it into words I hoped others could relate to. I appreciate your comment!

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