Your poems featured here!


Hey guys! So p.o.w. is back! If you don’t remember, or are too new to know what p.o.w. is, it’s the poem of the week. Previously, each week I’d showcase a particular poem here for you guys to enjoy. This time around I’m doing the same thing, however, I won’t really utilize my own poems. That’s right, I want to show you off because I follow some pretty talented poets! So leave a link to the poem you think I should put on display for all to see and I’ll choose the best of the best and post about you here and on my twitter, tumblr, and facebook pages!

Not a wordpress blog? That’s okay, you can still leave the link here or post it on any of my social network links above! If you aren’t a writer but know someone who is superbly talented and deserves some credit then by all means nominate them as well (of course with their permission). I can’t wait to share with you guys the first p.o.w. on Monday. Stay tuned!

Make sure you follow me, I’ll follow back so we can keep up with each other! See you next week!


9 thoughts on “Your poems featured here!

    1. Thanks so much for kicking off the new week with your submission! Check back Monday at 9:30 to see if your work has been featured as the poem of week! I can’t wait to read what you’ve written! And be sure to spread the word about this and follow me on whatever social networks you have to keep in contact! Thanks again 🙂

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