Hey guys, well it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new original song but here I am finally producing new (ish) material. This is a song that I’d originally came up with the melody for on my keyboard while I was still in high school (in other words it’s ancient lol). It’s one of the ONLY songs that I remember from that time and I always play it on my keyboard or on any piano I can get my hands on and decided, why not add some strings to make it pretty. Well this is what I got from it, I hope you guys enjoy. I’m not sure if this is the final version as there is still so much more that I hear in my head to add but for now, I am happy with this sound. Let me know what you think, thank you for your patience with me and my rut this year. I am hoping that this is the beginning of much more music to come!

Make sure you let me know how you feel about this song in the comments below, click the like button and be sure to share! Tweet me @talichaj about it too! Thanks for listening guys!


4 thoughts on “Falling

  1. Omg! I was listening to Wiz Khalifa this morning and then I clicked on yours and felt so calm and relaxed. It was beautiful! You are so talented. Girl, you are going to be hanging out with A. Keys soon. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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