Music Monday!

Happy Monday blog world! So for those of you who have been with me for a while you probably remember “New Music Mondays” where I would post a new song that I’d made. Well sadly I haven’t had much opportunity/motivation/creativity within the last few months so I haven’t posted any. Well I’ve decided that b/c I still do love music, especially finding artists that I haven’t heard of before, that I will post a song every week that I think is pretty cool, moving, inspirational or just downright AWESOME! There won’t really be any songs currently on the radio being featured here unless it’s just really great. Some will be new songs some may be oldies, heck there will be songs that aren’t even in english! I’ll try my best to find the actual music videos for the songs to post. So stay tuned for the first Music Monday post at noon est time!

If you know a song that should be shared be sure to let me know on my twitter @talichaj #MusicMonday


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