FWF: A Puzzling Life

It’s Free Write Friday again! Hope you all have had a wonderful week! Enjoy the latest prompt from Kellie Elmore’s blog!

I give you a picture; you give me a story. Don’t make notes, don’t ponder your execution, just look at the photo and whatever pops into your head first, begin writing based on that thought.

A Puzzling Life

We are all a part of the bigger picture in some way.
Sometimes its just a bit more difficult finding the exact place you fit in.
It’s like looking at a bunch of pieces of the world surrounding you and trying to make sense of them all at once but really you should be looking one piece at a time.
That’s the only way to find your place.

Often times, people disregard the way they don’t quite fit perfectly into certain spaces whether they are relationships, jobs, friends and even families.
They try to force their way into a space not meant for them and wind up hurting themselves.
Bending and sometimes breaking just to feel like they’re a part of something.

Beneath uncertain feet lay the pieces we’ve all been ignoring, opting to only put together the sections that contain us.
We don’t realize that without the pieces which at first glance have nothing to do with ourselves, the pieces that do are still incomplete.
Everyone knows puzzles are finished when the edges outside are smooth and all way to the middle is full.
Make sure you are putting it all together as opposed to cramming a bunch of pieces in a pile and pretending you’ve deciphered it all.

It will take decades to complete the big picture if we’re lucky so don’t rush to figure it all out, time will gradually fill it all in with you…


8 thoughts on “FWF: A Puzzling Life

  1. “Bending and sometimes breaking just to feel like they’re a part of something.”

    that is so sadly true. the things we put ourselves through to be accepted at times. This is a great take. poignant and prophetic. I would love to hear you read this aloud. Have you joined my Soundcloud group?

    1. thanks! I am following you on soundcloud but I don’t really know anything about their groups… haha I should probably try to figure that out. Its funny you say you would like to hear it read aloud, initially I was going to record it to an instrumental I had made but my mic wasn’t working so I just posted the text instead.

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