Let’s be friends

I have started the year off very productive if I do say so myself. From writing poetry to proposing a secret project to interviewing for jobs and internships the first few days of the year have been pretty good. I am really eager about the coming months because I have so many plans that I want to see through and I have finally grasped the fact that sometimes all you need to do is…start. So here I am starting over essentially and starting better than ever. I have this fortune cookie saying taped to my computer screen as a reminder: The simplest answer is to act. I am trying my best to make this a time of action for me, not just this year but from here on out. I am no longer going to say, man I wish my book was finished, instead I’m going to just take the steps to publish it. I will apply the foreign concept of just doing what I love on a daily basis and see how much that changes the quality of my life.

Okay okay enough about all of that. I wanted to post today #1 because I haven’t been as active on this blog for a while and I really don’t want that to become a habit. So no matter what I will find something interesting to share with the world frequently. #2 I have a new free write poem that I wanted to share. It’s in no way shape or form a poetic masterpiece, it is more of an outlook for this year that I would like to be able to look back on twelve months from now and say; yep, I did that. So by all means, snicker at ill-crafted grammar and weak sentence structure. Thank for reading, I promise, more interesting stuff is to come 😉2012

Hello new year, my name is Talicha, let’s be friends
Can we make good decisions together?
Break barriers with our creativity and
Change the world with one another?

Can we figure out how to manage my time and finances
a wee bit better than that silly 2011 did?
Honestly, I don’t know what we were thinking.

Please tell me that you and I will act responsibly
Hold me accountable for everything
Even when I’m complaining and being a pain
Don’t give up on me

See this is our year 2012
A year that could go down in history
as one of THE best ever
You can do it. I believe.

You can be the year of economic growth
Decline in all things unappealing
And for God’s sake please be the year we find a man for me!

I know I know it’s a lot of pressure
And you’ve already got so many people all over
resolving to lose weight, stop smoking,
and ridding themselves of other vices that have hindered them in the past
But these things never really last

2012 this is the year that I change because my life depends on it
This is not a new year resolution poem
This is not a new me claim this is me just saying
Let’s do better.

Better than the year preceding, let’s leave 2011 feeling like a let-down
and 2013 clambering for something to offer me because you and I
did everything, made all the necessary amendments and
grew larger than thought possible.

2012, my name is Talicha and I hope we can be friends.


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