Hanging in the art district

Hello All! So yesterday the roomie and I headed out to have a mid day beer at a local bar. It was such a nice day that we actually got to sit outside!

While we were there we met a really interesting duo named Allison and Roger. They were very talkative but only when the other went away to the bathroom or wherever. Allison just wanted to come party at our house one day and Roger wanted to fill us in on how he and Allison used to date but because they are both “alpha’s” it didn’t work. It was definitely a weird experience…Allison definitely gave us her phone number…weird.

Anyways, I took just a few photos of the day, nothing spectacular but you gotta start somewhere right? random mannequin outside of a boutique in NODA

The water is just for show...

Another piece of art randomly stumbled upon in NODA

After our adventure it was time for Zumba!!! As always it was great fun and I sweated my butt off! It was such a good and productive day…unlike today.


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