Awesome Again!

So I had another great weekend! Starting all the way at Thursday when I did the usual Zumba class followed by dinner out with the ladies. Normally we go to Dish an amazing local restaruant that serves yummy soul food (and each entrée comes with a delish deviled egg nom nom nom!). But we switched it up and went to PF Changs instead. As always there was great conversation and plenty of laughs!

Shamecia and Diana at PF Chang's after class!

Our friend Sarah had never tried Moscato before, and was presently surprised by the deliciousness of the two samples a nice waiter gave her (and he wasn’t even our waiter!)

Sarah at PF Chang's trying Moscato for the 1st time!

Another great thing about this weekend was the fact that I got to spend time with my guy best friend! We went uptown where there was a festival going on (I don’t remember what the festival was called, sorry). We decided to take the bus since parking uptown on a normal day is crazy so we knew parking that day would be IMPOSSIBLE. (We were right by the way, roads were blocked and we would have had to walk for days). We got to hear an amazing live band play and got to visit a museum for free! So much fun.

Look at all those people jamming out to jazz!

On our way back home we came across some really cool chalk art in the street. I wish I could have gotten pictures of more of them but time ran out 😦 But I did get to take a pic of  a really cool, very detailed one!

Awesome Street Art at the Festival, wish I knew who made it!

After that, Saturday got even better! I attended TWO Halloween gatherings! The first was a sort of Pre-game for some friends that were gonna go party it up in the city. There was shots involved, a crazy story of last year’s Halloween antics and dancing to the well-known YMCA song (well, I just recorded the hilarity myself, no outrageous costume or dancing for me!). It was a hoot. After we left the village people, we headed over to my friend Diana’s house for a pj party! So much fun! With the help of her sister (who is super nice but can also kick any of our butts with her ninja skills) Diana made an awesome dinner for us! We all hung out, talked and watched really funny YouTube videos and drank wine. Best Halloween ever, just what I needed. I wish I had pictures to share from that 😦 I may have to ask Diana to share some with me that she took and I can post them later.

So there you have it. My weekend was a blast. Now here I am on Monday, back to work.

This was my setup today at Amelies. Getting some work done!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Halloween and thanks for reading! I would love for you to comment about how you are spending your Halloween!

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