Video of the week: 5

This is That Girl by David Choi. David is one of my FAVORITE artists! (I should probably add him to my favorites page huh?)

I love this song because it is so relatable as is basically every other song that David has made. It has such great musicality and I just can’t get enough of it! I will say that while I love this song soooo much my favorite David Choi song is probably Windmill, you should definitely go to his YouTube page and check out ALL of his amazing songs! I love this video because not only is it just beautiful but it is also done by Wong Fu Productions  (you remember them right? They were video of the week: 4).

Exciting news, David Choi’s third album, Forever and Ever, will be released this week! Tuesday, October 25th! I can’t wait to get my copy, make sure you go to David’s site to get your copy too, you won’t be disappointed!

Get more David here: 


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