Video of the week: 4

Ok so this is kinda late but here is the video of the week. This is “Still in love with you” a music video for Wang Leehom. The reason I chose this video is because Wong Fu Productions actually produced this.

I am so excited for the guys at Wong Fu, this is their first major artist video that they’ve shot. They did an excellent job and I am so proud of their efforts! I say I’m proud as if I know them lol. However, I have followed their journey from the very beginning when Phil was lip syncing to artist like Justin Timberlake to their short film Yellow Fever until now. This trio of guys has inspired me to write shorts and I am so excited about one day actually filming them. I hope you enjoy the MV, it is in another language but they have added the words to the bottom of the screen so you can see how great a song this is. I hope you enjoy and please let Wong Fu be an inspiration to you as well. They represent to me the epitome of working hard to get the results you want and then some as they have all exceeded their own expectations and have been living their dreams. Keep pushing!

Check out more awesome videos by Ted, Phil and Wes of Wong Fu Productions!


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